Signature Dish


Huaiyang cuisine is one of the world famous Four Great Traditions of Chinese cuisines. Characterized by its unique features, thousands of guests have fallen in love with the cuisine. Huaiyang cuisine is representative of cuisines around the area of the middle and lower reaches of Chang Jiang River (Yangtze River) and Huai River. Yangzhou is the centre and place of origin of Huaiyang cuisine.

Chinese cooking is about culture, science and art. Huaiyang cuisine is a combination of these elements. Its manifestation of "caring the taste as its pivotal role and health as its objective" is a fundamental characteristic of Chinese cooking. (Source from Overseas Chinese Language and Culture Education Online – the history of Huaiyang cuisine)

Executive Chef Pan Jiulong learned cooking for four years in a famous fellow townsmen association restaurant in Central where he learned the essence of Huaiyang cuisine; after that, Chef Pan went to different countries to learn and work. He fused Huaiyang cuisine with some foreign elements, making the traditional cuisine more energetic and earning a good reputation for Zhejiang Heen. The most famous dish of our restaurant, minced meat in rice crusts, is the fusion of the concept of Japanese hand wrapped sushi with the cuisine.

Executive Sous Chef Xiao Weiwan has worked as a chef since 1975. He has studied in many famous Chinese restaurants the skills for cooking and has acquired excellent knife skills. He is an expert in cooking Huaiyang cuisine.